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Located in the water town of Jiangnan (South region of the Yangtze River), Changshu is known as the “blessed paradise of Southern China”and it is also one of the birthplaces of the WU culture. As one of China’s ecological cities, it has a great green ecological landscape, which continues the unique temperament and cultural connotation of the Jiangnan culture. In the wave of the development of the times, the designer tried to use the modern design language to interpret the spirit of the city and create a sense of the urban neighborhood and make it become the first display of the community spirit. The facade of the building adopted the textured reflective glass material, which can reflect the natural landscape of the surrounding city. With the changes of time, season and weather, the building can give the external space different degrees of vitality, as if it were a huge curtain wall witnessing the glory of the city. Throughout the design, the landscape architecture is interconnected with the interior, making the interior and exterior spaces an integrated design. The galloping ribbon applied presents the volume space of interior of the building, which maximizes the extensibility of the space and creates a private and exclusive personal area. It was divided into two levels of space in the regional planning: there are a reception hall, a model display area, a discussion area and a back office area at the first floor and a leisure club and a private banquet hall at the second floor. These elements were mixed together and there were no clear physical boundaries. This kind of unique space forms integrates people's perceptions of architecture, exhibitions, and society into a continuous, fluid spatial order.


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Kris Lin
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Jiayu Yang
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