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MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner

CCCG Kunming Hongyuan Model Houses

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ENG Design


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CCCG Real Estate


Living Spaces

This project is located in Kunming City,Yunnan,China. History gives Kunming a self-evident massiness, culture gives Kunming multiple colors, coupled with her calm and elegant temperament and everywhere moving scenery, it has become the most suitable city for life in the eyes of the Chinese people. Model House 1 The combination of black, white, gray and metal, Chinese Bonsai decoration and landscape hanging painting, undertake the style of Wujiaba and connect home with nature. The living room imitates the white marble of fish belly to create the main background of TV, which is rich in vision and texture with wood veneer. French windows, spotlights and chandeliers provide sufficient light source for the space, and the dark space does not appear depressed. The use of metal skirting also improves the quality of guest restaurants. The restaurant space creates a contemporary artistic conception under Chinese aesthetics, which is like being in the mountains, rivers and forests, with great Chinese charm and modern artistic sense. The basic colors of the bedroom are mainly gray and rice white, and the bay window is arranged with a comfortable leisure area, making this pure bedroom more romantic. Simple furniture, brown curtains, bedside wall cloth, hard wrapped gray oil mixing board make this space more exquisite. Model House 2 In the living room, a theme color plant leaf element art, a simple style cloth sofa and orange decorations make the whole space particularly warm and comfortable. Exquisite tableware on the dining table, gorgeous crystal lamp arrangement, metal glassware and tableware make the space look light, luxurious and elegant. The orange leather dining chair and the golden sunflower oil painting decoration make the family dining more comfortable and romantic.The master bedroom is based on the orange leather back bed, and the overall space is light, luxurious and elegant.

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