Hong Kong S.A.R., China   |  2019

MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner

Madera Yoga

Entrant Company

Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Co. Ltd.


Interior Design

Client's Name

Madera Group (Subsidiary of Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Co. Ltd.)


Spa / Fitness

Madera Yoga is a new 4000 sq.ft. yoga centre, elegantly composed in tranquil style, and modernly located in Madera Residences, an award-winning serviced apartment. Nestled in a prime location in Jordon of Kowloon, Madera Yoga is a new addition to the Madera Complex with chic hotel, serviced apartment, F&B outlets and etc. It creates an intimate journey that starts from yoga and extends into surroundings, for the full restoration of mind, body, and soul. The harmonious and natural design of Madera Yoga is set to deliver an oasis of tranquility and serenity to the guests to find their inner state of peace once again. The interior is based on human centred and green infused design, extract colours from nature, from flourishing rainforest to beautiful and peaceful wilderness. The common area is more of a natural stone, textured wood with rainforest green and peachy orange, whilst the studios are more of a muted lime with butterum timber, dark metal and blossom greeneries. It is not only a space for exercise but also a space for feeling the heart of the peace. The 4,000 sq.ft yoga centre lavishly appointed classrooms ranging from 245 sq. ft. to 1,295sq. ft., each boasts 4.5m high ceiling and view of the city. World-class equipment are available for all kinds of yoga. The boutique-sized yoga classes, with the connection of Madera Complex, cultivates a tranquil environment that encourages holistic rejuvenation and thorough relaxation. The philosophy for Madera Yoga is simple: the mind, body, and soul are of one, originally at a balanced state of tranquility and serenity, it through yoga, through the conscious utilization of breathes, movements, and mindfulness, to restore of state of balance and once again find the state of inner tranquility.


Property Development Department, Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Co. Ltd.
Tong Yeung, Shiron Lun, Calvert Au, Winnie Yip, Eric Leung, David Tang
Hong Kong Cultural Imaging Workshop Ltd
Keith ‘L Fitness Photo
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