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MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner

AGILE ONE Changning Sales Office

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Nine Dimension Design


Interior Design

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Agile Group



The project is surrounded by residential areas, schools and the university town, enjoying the city's prosperity, poetry, rare ecological environment and profound heritage. At the beginning, we did customer analysis based on regional characteristics. Then we put forward such demands on the space as quality, comfort, activity, style and fashion according to contemporary young people's needs for quality of life and living environment and decided to create a comprehensive commercial space integrating business, apartment and office through modernity, block combination, simplicity and other design languages. We came up with the concept of poetic residence. The use of green plants and vivid petal shapes illustrates a state of being in nature, depicts a scene of "all things growing" in our life in the future, and creates a natural space that combines ecology with art, leisure with relaxation. Healthy living is also incorporated into the design. The use of natural materials such as logs and plants forms a wooden space style, creates a low-key and fashionable space temperament, and outlines a relaxing and leisure atmosphere. The curves of large areas of irregular installation art and the symmetrical wood veneer form a strong visual impact, creating a unique design language and space charm between hardness and softness. Simple forms and neat lines bring the modern artistic aesthetics of great beauty in simplicity into the space. Abstract flower petals bloom gracefully on the wooden wall with smooth lines through the transformation of elements, increasing the sense of spatial layering. The use of corrugated stainless steel, wood veneer, and wood grain tiles endow the space with a gentle breath. Progressive flowing ripples lead visitors into a space of immersive experience. Accompanied by plants, surrounded by flowers and trees, visitors can enjoy a carefree and comfortable leisure time.


Chief Designer/Nine Dimension Design
Ding wei
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