2022 | Professional

MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner

Yunnan Lijiang Dongcheng International

Entrant Company

Shangze Design


Interior Design - Service Centers

Client's Name

Jinsui Property

Country / Region


The designer regards the return of Lijiang culture as the perspective and starting point. The background wall of the entrance hall uses mosaics to form an abstract landscape map.

At the entrance, the towering antique wooden structure injects an overwhelming momentum into the space. The sloping roof is a representative element of traditional Chinese architecture. In this space, Shangze Design created an indoor water pavilion by architectural techniques, endowing the space with richer cultural characteristics. The aluminum grille device keeps the interior and exterior interacting, presenting a natural and transparent sense of space.

The lighting installation on the ceiling takes Dougong as its prototype, so it inevitably attracts people's attention. In the art installation transformed from traditional architectural elements, the soft light source emits charming atmosphere through the acrylic.

Passing through the corridor and the hall, a "tree of life" is installed on a pure white background, reflecting the texture of life through the light. In the interior exhibition and negotiation areas, the designer strives to "make an interesting design in a limited space".

One side of the space is close to the water, and on the other side, the designer uses a heavy wooden grille to create the artistic conception of "mountains", which makes the space reflect each other with "the shape of the mountains and the meaning of the water". With the cloud lights including 16,800 crystals, it makes people feel like they are in a tranquil and distant natural landscape. The sunlight flows naturally, hitting the wooden grille and shining into the interior, where you can feel the change of time, the twilight drums and the morning bell.

To create a quiet and natural mood, the design needs to make subtraction. Taking the dry landscape of the space as the center, several groups of natural and rustic furniture form a negotiation scenespace. The elegant Chinese elements of rattan and wood veneer are carefully stacked, conveying the feeling of ancient and elegant life.


Project Location
Old town of Lijiang
Project Type
Exhibition center
Chief Designer
Design Team
LIU Dengfeng, LI Chunyan, Diao Jianming
Completion Time
Project Area
HE Chuan from HereSpace
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