Taiwan   |  2022

MUSE Design Awards Silver Winner

Leaping curve - Bikeway bridge at the heart of Tanzi

Entrant Company

OuDelight inc.


Lighting Design

Client's Name

Taichung City Government


Architectural Lighting

Architect and structural engineer combine steel and wood to create a unique curve-shape bikeway bridge cross and above the road. The curve not only horizontally brings the bikers away from the ground but also vertically present itself as the main structural beam of the bridge. The fundamental lighting concept is thinking how to use light to serve the environment and users. Continuous linear fixtures are used to integrate with the detail of the parapet made of the expansion net. Light attaching onto the surface of the net produce a constant light belt along both sides of the bikeway. The integration of the details provides the guide of the direction and prevent the glare at the same time. Moreover, narrow beam spotlights with warm color temperature are used to graze the wood structure section of the bridge which visually amplify the presence of the curved beam. By the difference between warmer light for wood and cooler light for metal, we would like to light up the bridge not only showing the form but also respond to the particularity of the material selection. A new landmark is established by the efforts of so many skillful and talented design teams and we’re so lucky to be one of them.


Lighting Designer / OuDelight inc.
Yi-Chang Chen
Photographer / Shashin Photo Studio
Shashin Yang
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