Indonesia   |  2019

AVISA Bali Spa Retreat

Entrant Company

Fal Andreo and design associates


Architectural Design

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AVISA Bali Spa Retreat, Avisa Spa Management Indonesia



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Upon creating a luxurious Spa Retreat at the Paradise Island of Bali, Indonesia, Designer blends the concept of Laurel Wreath with Local Architectural elements to present a new tourism icon to be proud of by locals. Laurel Wreath is presented in the design as a victorious symbol of social status and succeed target market. Followed by natural elements, color, orange ventilation bricks that could be found nearly everywhere in Bali. Avisa brand itself is a Sanskrit Name of Ocean, Sky and Pure Water. Therefore, designer matches those with design concept to create an Escape Resort surrounds by water, seas and sky as the limit. The Architecture itself has an unrivaled unique form that adopts from Laurel Wreath shape in both 2D Floor Plan and in 3D signifier. It is built on top of Terasering, an Indonesian word for Terrace Agriculture Topography, of green fields and pond as one of Bali’s famous land contour. On top of that, guests are welcomed by an open architecture that embrace seas and sky. Zen architecture is also implemented in the layout to support the ambiance of Spa Retreat with combination of natural materials and a blending form with nature. Hence, the building seems to be in one unity with its surroundings. Though nature is a strong point of the architecture, it left no discomfort of modern living and luxury lifestyle that presented in almost everywhere on small details.


Head of Design Consultant
Faldo Andreo
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