Hong Kong   |  2019

Flavor Funhouse

Entrant Company

New World Development Company Limited & stefano tordiglione design limited


Interior Design

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New World Development Company Limited



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Flavor Funhouse is part of the newly opened K11 Musea shopping mall in Hong Kong. This one-floor area is required to be designed as a special retail zone in the basement of the building with shops and food-court. Its total area is approximately 30,000 sq.ft. The design concept aims at re-creating a mix of exotically rustic and demi-extravagence experience for its customers walking down the street. Walking down the street, the customer will reach the “Food Playground”. Seatings that differ in wooden shades and designs are specially tailored for diversified groups of customers: four remarkable structural pillars are transformed as bar setting for individuals or couples; small tables of four are scattered around the long oak table for big families and friends; effortlessly show a coherence among differences. Unlike the narrow passages in most food courts, those in the funhouse remains wide enough to encourage diners to move around and socialize, It is an urbane gastronomy hub to share one's most intimate and relaxing dining moments. Stores on two sides with transparent bi-fold glass doors framed in rusty iron finish shop front simulates the raw feeling and the exotic street scenery in European style. The Street flooring uses imported Italian hexagon tiles of four colors from white to black, starting the journey from the entrance down from the escalator, randomly patterned but then merely the one with a curious and observing mind would discover a subtle change of the random pattern to the lovely daisy tile pattern arrangement. The Street ceiling finishes in bronze metal racks is partly covered with fresh green psedo-ivy, and leaves some of the painted pipe-ducts visible to create a rustic but organic feeling. Stores on two sides with transparent bi-fold glass doors shop front also simulates the exotic street scenery in European style.

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