China   |  2019

Shaoxing Oriental Landscape

Entrant Company

Vanpin Architecture Design (Shanghai) co., LTD


Architectural Design

Client's Name

Huachang Group


Mixed Use

This project combines the functions of a business center and an indoor entertainment center. Inspired by the cobblestone elements of Shaoxing culture, the pavilion is designed in the shape of naturally stacked cobblestones, which integrates the building with the river bank and presents the beauty of nature. We believe that buildings is just another expression of nature.


Assistant to the President /Vanpin Architecture Design (Shanghai) co., LTD
Yuannan Xu
President/Vanpin Architecture Design (Shanghai) co., LTD
Hangfeng Lyu
Chief Architect/Vanpin Architecture Design (Shanghai) co., LTD
Mingzhe Yu
Architect/Vanpin Architecture Design (Shanghai) co., LTD
Jia Wu
Chief Architect/Ivy Architectural Design Firm co., LTD.
Guogang Cai
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