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As aviation companies like Airbus and Boeing explore paths to zero-emission flight, Eviation has leapfrogged the competition as the first to create an all-electric airplane. In an industry that has seen little innovation in over 50 years, Alice is designed to take 9 passengers up to 650 miles at a cruise speed of 240 knots on a single battery charge. Alice replaces aging aircraft, which are expensive to maintain and contribute to one of the most polluting sectors - jet fuel aviation. The Alice will not only redefine regional transportation by ushering a significantly cleaner era for air travel, but it will also introduce emission-free, all-electric aviation at a fraction of current air-travel costs. The culmination of 6 years of design and collaboration with an ecosystem of partners that spans France, Italy, Singapore, Australia, the US and Israel - with some of the most-respected names in aviation - including Honeywell - the all-electric Alice represents a breakthrough on many levels. With an initial range up to 650 miles and cruise speed of 240kt, Alice is the first fully all-electric regional plane with innovation in the fields of: airframe design, battery technology and integration, advanced lightweight materials, thermal management and vehicle autonomy. Since the inception of turbines as the primary power source in aviation, planes have been constrained by the placement of the engines, the 24/7 maintenance required, and increasingly volatile fuel costs. Carriers, who bear the brunt of this cost, have had almost no new options or cost reductions for decades. It will be the first middle-mile, all-electric to market in 2022.

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