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MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner

AC Hotels by Marriott in Cracow

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Tremend Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.


Interior Design - Hotels & Resorts

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Portfel Inwestycyjny Apartamenty & Hotele

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The interior of AC Hotel by Marriott Kraków is the quintessence of classic American style. The idea of the project was versatility and simplicity. Architects cared particularly about the creation of the interiors where rest and stay would be a pleasure.

Tremend studio used natural earth colors, browns, beiges, interlaced with delicate golden touches, combining them with noble greys and wood. Hotel in earth tones pursued to nod the nature, which surrenders the whole place. Green was “invited” to its interiors as potted plants, green walls, and olive trees. Marriott brand emphasized imposing pieces of art to the project and apparently at the hotel there are plenty of examples of it: works on walls painted upon request, murals, “natural” sculptures made of branches, incorporated into the walls.

From the doorstep, guests can be amazed by real, design gem – sofas Vis-à-vis by Moroso designed by Patricia Urquiola, when guests can seat on each side of the furniture. Between them above the golden table, there is a breathtaking light installation touching the second floor of the building, bringing to mind gold and silver leaves from the trees.

Reception is classic solid with decorative slabs, which repeats as a stable ornament of the whole object. The reception is paved with cladding in the color of Bright wood, inviting guests and suggest to spend there good time. The black construction of the lamps gives a special character.

In the bar section with an area of up to 500 m2 architects made separation for two main parts. Breakfast part with buffet and Lounge part with another bar and open kitchen. Tremend studio added vertical partitions as dividers and sliding walls, allowing to create cozy spacious, and intimate as well.

In the hotel, there are 300 rooms with beds’ types double and twin. All rooms have their own, roomy bathrooms. In-room nature colors dominate, which is the main inspiration of the architects. In the SPA zone, there are massage rooms, a gym, and a swimming pool. The great relaxation will be supported by styling, wooden sunbeds located close to the hotel’s swimming pool.


President and Creative Director
Magdalena Federowicz-Boule
Project manager
Katarzyna Wawryniuk
Project manager
Klaudyna Czechowska
Aleksander Dymkowski
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