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MUSE Design Awards Silver Winner

The Ancient Wulong Village

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Landscape Design

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Kunming Overseas Chinese Town Beautiful Rural Development Co., Ltd.


Cultural Heritage Design

Kunming Wulong Ancient Fishing Village is located on the east bank of Dianchi Lake in Chenggong District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. It has a history of more than 600 years. The entire village leans on Qixing Mountain in the west, descending from west to east on a gentle slope or platform, and the lowest point is the middle of the village. This area is the original inner harbor area, where the scene of "Yupu Star Lantern", one of the eight scenic spots in Chenggong, is located, and it is also the hinterland of Kunming's traditional culture and the inheritance of cultural memory. Wulong Village takes the protection and activation of ancient villages as the core. Through thinking and practice from planning to design, we carry out spatial darning, repair and reconstruction of the overall environment, so as to restore the most beautiful state of Wulong Village. In the design process, we respect the relics and culture of the ancient villages, follow the historical shape and style, and repair the ancient villages with traditional production and protection techniques, so as to reconstruct the ancient village scenes with time stamps. At the same time, the design also combines historical and cultural resources with contemporary social needs. By displaying regional culture, experiencing leisure culture, promoting research and creativity, releasing cultural value, and striving to make it a model for the protection and activation of ancient Chinese villages and a benchmark for cultural tourism.


Chairman , SHUISHI
Deng Gang
Chairman and Design Director of SHUISHI Shenzhen
Li Jianbo
Chief Architect of SHUISHI Shenzhen
Wu Peng
Technical Director of SHUISHI Shenzhen
Liu Yongsheng
Technical Director of SHUISHI Landscape
Huang Jianjun
Technical Director of SHUISHI Landscape Department II
Wang Yue
Head of SHUISHI Landscape-Softscape
Wang Wenzhen
Head of SHUISHI Landscape-Softscape Professional
Zhu Jing
General Manager of SHUISHI Suzhou
Shen Hua
Design Director of SHUISHI Suzhou
Fan Yanliang
Senior Architect of SHUISHI Suzhou
Hou Yena
Architect of SHUISHI Suzhou
Xu Yan
General Manager of Interior Office
Xu Huaming
Deputy Director of the Institute
Gao Yao
Deputy Director of Interior Office
Wu Guihua
Chief Designer of Interior Office
Tang Pan
Interior Designer
Huang Yun
Design Director, SHUISHI Micron Architects Office
Xie Yuan
Chief Architect,SHUISHI Micron Architects Office
Xu Jinwei
Chief Designer of SHUISHI Micron Architects Office
Pang Songyun
Chief Designer of SHUISHI Micron Architects Office
Wang Youwen
Chief Designer of SHUISHI Micron Architects Office
Xi Haitian
General Manager of SHUISHI Yunnan
Shen Jianmei
Deputy General Manager of SHUISHI Yunnan
He Yifan
Director of Landscape Department of SHUISHI Yunnan
Geng Li
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