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MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner

Mr. Tao's Residence

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VOGLASS + DC ; Hengshu Design Studio


Interior Design - Residential

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Mr. Tao

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The project is a redevelopment of a village-based ancestral house. In between the vastness and wildness of nature, the designers created a resonance between the house and the world through simple yet delicate design languages, bringing back simplicity and a pure state of living.

The large floor-to-ceiling windows bring in ample natural light, and the plain white walls and soft furnishings in natural tones leave enough space for the interplay of light and shadows. The black frames are rigid but regular, structuring the depth of the space, while also capturing the verdant scenery outside as a still-life painting.

The designers creatively created a double-height living room and a full-height atrium, to connect the three floors and to leave space for landscape and daylight.

The living room, kitchen, dining room, wine cellar and bedrooms are well configured on the floor plane. In addition, the reasonably organized circulation brings comfortable living experience, and connects to outdoor natural environment seamlessly.

The regular linear or circular lights and the irregular artistic lamps are in contrast to each other, breaking established conventions and reshaping the language of space.

Walking up the stairs, the light-colored marbles reveal a wave-like warm texture through the dark irregular patterns.

The blue and white sofas and the silver animal sculpture renew the experience here. The dark wooden bookshelf is like an art installation, suggesting the local origin of the materials. The different shades of colors, combined with diverse textures, convey a modern and luxurious style.

With full consideration into nature, history, land and geographic location, the designers re-examined the meaning of home and hometown. The team adopted contemporary design languages while incorporating the reflection on local cultural context, to build an idyllic residence that is simple yet extraordinary, luxurious but not extravagant. As the project is located in a seismic zone, a lot of difficulties occurred during construction. Thanks to the client’s cooperation and determination, the project was perfectly executed and completed. This echoes the true meaning of home itself — it is about unwavering cooperation and progress, resourceful spiritual wisdom, and a common faith.


Lingge Chen
Zheng Yang
Lan Zhao
Tong Chen
Hank Cheung
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