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Secret Garden

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HJ Space


Interior Design - Residential

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The elegant spatial atmosphere and the warm wood tone are the main axis of the design. In this square space, the designer introduced a rounded shape to achieve visual balance. The main colors of the space are black and gold, which is the favorite color of the hostess, showing the understated luxury. The carefully selected lighting fixtures are the finishing touch in this case. The shape of the fixture itself enriched the low-color space and brought a misty, lazy mood to the home through the rendering of light and shadow.

The owner who works overseas likes to gather with friends and relatives when he returns home, so the designer have arranged a fully open layout for the public space. By eliminating the partitions and opening up the corridor, people can communicate and interact with each other freely in which area they are in. In the living room and the entrance hall, modern and Japanese-style grille elements were used to give the space a sense of depth. The wood ceiling surrounding the beams in the living room was to eliminate the oppressive feeling by the low height, and at the same time, it was for the virtual line to define the living room and the dining room, becoming the main visual focus of the whole space. The B&O grille sound system was chosen to complete the integrity of the space.

The hostess, who loves music and whose favorite band is Secret Garden from Europe, will play its music filling the house at any moment. In this case, the designer brought the elegant and artistic music style of Secret Garden and the lady's taste in life into the space. With a large, open layout, warm wood tones, unique and textured art lighting, and just the right amount of metal, the design brought up a simple, tranquil atmosphere that makes everyone want to spend time with their family in this space.


Chief Designer
Yao-Ting Hsieh
Ar-Her kuo photography studio
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