2023 | Professional

MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner

New Metropolis Mansion - Illuminus Grand Sales Office

Entrant Company

AJAR 近建築


Interior Design - Showroom / Exhibit

Client's Name

New World China Land Limited

Country / Region

Hong Kong SAR

Being the sales office of the top sustainable and SMART living complex project, New Metropolis Mansion in Guangzhou, Illuminus Grand is designed to reflect the project grandness and to encourage the pursue of lifestyle, through a journey full of different rhythms and ambiences.

A 3-storey atrium greets customers immediately as they walk through the entrance. Light is cast through the metal branches of the tree installation before entering the space, creating a welcoming play of shadows on the walls. The lobby area intentionally feels bright and airy, acting as a prelude before the darker projection spaces.

Traditional sales office is designed to enhance transaction efficiency, allowing people to identify each steps they need to do buying a flat at a glance. However, AJAR believes a flat is more than a product, it should be a place where the residents can experience life and pursue lifestyle.

After watching the sales and brand videos, customers are greeted again on the other side by a light and spacious open setting that blurs the boundaries between different functions.

The overall ceiling is designed to be soft and rhythmic, with a purposefully contradicting tree-inspired ceiling profile highlighting the model and bar area to provide a refreshing dash of energy and to resemble nature and growth.

Windows and translucent glass are applied to the entire lounge that display the outdoor greenery using various degrees of opacity, gently blurring the boundaries between the inside and outside, and intelligently bringing in the natural element to align with the project vision.

Overall interior design allows customers to take a getaway from the original purpose and be inspired to feel and imagine their ideal lifestyle, reshaping property buying from commercial activities into an experience-driven journey.


Tsoi Wai Kuen
Derrick To Ching Hing
Chow Tung Tiffany
Raymond Ng Sheung Shun
Joseph Corpuz Macapagal
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