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MUSE Design Awards Silver Winner

A 3D Healing Bubble that Let You Enjoy the Outdoors

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Ivie China


Packaging Design - Beauty & Personal Care

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Project requirements:

To relieve skin discomfort caused by unwanted microorganisms, bacteria and mosquito bites in summer, 999 has launched a new anti-itch product, Plant Extract Soothing Roll-On, targeting young people who love outdoor activities. Comprising selected botanical extracts, the easy-to-carry roll-on stick is safe and effective in relieving itchiness. Our vision was to design a new packaging with aesthetics that appeals to young people to bring us closer to our target consumers. We also hope to have the extensibility that can be applied to future marketing scenarios and derivative materials.

Strategic thinking:

Ivie starts with the end in mind. Starting from the ultimate communication scenario with the youth of today, we selected the 3D design style that is becoming increasingly popular online and easy to extend offline. Our design also considered color, natural plant ingredients and the possibility of future derivation. To differentiate ourselves from competing products, and appeal to young people, we adopted a unique and highly recognizable visual language. The packaging is a bridge to directly communicate with the youth of today.

Design solution:

As the product contains extracts from the opuntia streptacantha leaves and gentian, Ivie used them as the main visual element and presented them with stylized 3D effect: With simple silhouettes and rounded shapes, the giant cactus exude whimsical cuteness. The ingredient rings and cool ‘planets’, form a healing universe of plant extracts.

A unique and fresh shade of Cyan is used as the prime color of the new packaging, introducing a ‘visible’ cool breeze in the heat of summer. Yellow is the secondary color, juxtaposed with the main Cyan shade to create a vibrant and youthful depiction of nature. The special gradient vignetting enhances the spaciousness of the image and complements the soothing effect of the botanicals.

The design of the 3D ‘inflatable wind’ is uncomplicated but well-thought-out with high compatibility and extensibility, creating infinite possibilities for future offline derivation. Compared to the unostentatious style usually adopted for the 999 series, this is undoubtedly a breakthrough success designed to attract younger consumers.


Design Director
Xu Shasha
Creativie Director
Cao Jun
Art Director
Liu Ziyou
Associate Account Director
Sharon Xiao
Managing Director
Malcolm Zhu
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