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MUSE Design Awards Silver Winner

Neuro Gum and Mints

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Packaging Design - Snacks, Confectionary & Desserts

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United States

Neuro, the health and wellness company behind Neuro Gum and Neuro Mints, recently launched rebranded packaging and a corresponding website design in partnership with Herman-Scheer, a branding and design studio based in Venice, CA.

Neuro’s mission is to create convenient and effective consumable products that people can take anywhere, anytime to refresh their states of mind and do more. The inflection point that led to this rebrand came from wanting to introduce new products (Calm & Clarity) and a new delivery method, mints. The new visual identity was created to reflect our strategy that Neuro is no longer just an energy alternative but rather a line of products to get you in the right state of mind.

The new packaging has been updated with a more modern feel and minimal look. Since convenience and efficiency is largely what differentiates Neuro from other alternatives, the new mint tins were designed to further enforce that value proposition. We also put the simple ingredient list front and center on the packaging to demonstrate how committed Neuro is to quality and to earn the trust of potential customers.

Using solid colors to better differentiate among each flavor of gum and mints, Neuro products now come in red and turquoise packaging for cinnamon and peppermint flavors, respectively. Outer packaging for 12-packs features a monochromatic wave design that appears as one long wave when packs are stacked next to each other. The waves on the energy and focus option are also much more dramatic than those on the calm and clarity one. The original Neuro font remains the same with clean lines that represent the brand’s clean ingredients. Additionally, the gum and mints have been embossed with a sunburst to represent energy and focus.

“This rebrand represents our evolution from a product into a lifestyle, and the Herman-Scheer team helped us to realize that revolution” Ryan Chen, CFO & Co-Founder, Neuro.


CEO & Co-Founder, Herman-Scheer
Chapin Herman
Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder, Herman-Scheer
John Scheer
Art Director, Herman-Scheer
Danny Solomon
Website Design, Herman-Scheer
Rachel Topf
Website Development, Herman-Scheer
Justin Lalezarian
Motion Design, Herman-Scheer
Phillipe Roy
Product Photography
Scott Snyder
Project Manager, Herman-Scheer
Lindsay Palmer
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