Italy   |  2020


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CNH Industrial


Conceptual Design

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David Melvin Wilkie



The STEYR Konzept is comprehensive project study on what the future of tractor production could be in collaboration with CNH Industrial sister powertrain brand FPT Industrial. STEYR engineers have developed the STEYR Konzept, combining innovative technologies in a hitherto unique way to create an environmentally friendly, yet efficient and, above all, functional tractor concept. At the heart of the study lies a modular hybrid electric drive, comprising a combustion engine, a generator, and several electric motors, which can be controlled individually, and which then supply energy where it is needed. This concept tractor, designed by CNH Industrial’s Design Center makes use of a high-performance, 4-cylinder diesel engine. The selection of these components creates a compact vehicle design and allows an optimum overview of the vehicle. The cleverly designed vehicle architecture enables smart solutions such as 4WD or an advanced suspension concept. This will provide farmers with a wide range of benefits in future, including enhanced ride comfort, additional flexibility and options, and unparalleled performance in the fields and on the roads.


Head of Industrial Design, CNH Industrial
David Melvin Wilkie
Concept Exterior designer CNH Industrial
Jakub Sulikowski
Conceptual frame and layout designer CNH Industrial
Stefano Fincato
Concept Interior designer CNH Industrial
Giampiero Vietti
Concept Colour & Material designer CNH Industrial
Isabella Burgio
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