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"The sales center could be very fashionable!" Comply with this concept, with the combination of the appropriate color scheme, material and furnishing deployment, thence bring about the clean and neat space. And infuse the natural elements such as light, wind and water, merge and blend with those different elements, so as to create a stylish sales center just like an art gallery. Break through the original hard structure image; alter to make use of varied furnishing expression to bring out an artistic feature of the elegant and plain foundation. Besides, by way of the metal and Plexiglas crystal materials, inlaid with variety natural color systems, thence generate the harmonious tone phases, which not steal each other spotlight nor showy. In particular, optimized the layout of the talks area, the way of dispersed seats and add numbers of seats, not only create smooth flow, but also elevate well communication of the customers. With the open pattern and vision, fully present an exclusive, tranquil space.


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Sara Xiong
Shuqin Gu
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