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MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner


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Maytoni GmbH


Lighting Design - Innovative Lighting Design

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The year 2020 brought us through incredible transformations that affected our social and personal spheres of lives. People had to reinvent their lifestyles, habits, approaches to work and recreational space. The two most significant fields of professional and private appeared at the edge of brutal collision within the most casual homes and apartments. The pursuit of a humane and profound solution for this problem leads us to find inspiration in one of the most elegant concepts of modern partial physics – supersymmetry. It explains conjectured relationship between two basic classes of elementary particles by showing how they can bound together into superpartners, evolve into each other, and split backward to their cores. As substance can transform into the matter, our most tender and intimate living spaces can be transformed into perfect working areas by a glimpse of light. This idea led us to design a smart classy lighting fixture that can help people to switch between their life essences by the simple move and magnetic click.

The fixture is designed in a very specific unique way, which allows to transform it from a general vertical source of soft diffused light to the specific horizontal source of concentrated functional light for work, creation, and close communication. Thoroughly engineered construction with magnetic elements and bottom-centered wire bracing system enables to provide stable height level of the fixture for both horizontal and vertical configurations. It helps to keep the lamp close to the table and maintain an equal illumination level on the table surface along with a comfortable face and body backlight.

The key designing challenge was developing the solution for stable height level of the lamp through several configurations, (comparing to the classic solution which would lead to height fluctuation of at least 450 mm), which provided the most efficient ergonomics and created no obstacles and limitations for light flow on the working surface.


Designer / Maytoni
Alexey Danilin
Engineer / Maytoni
Nikita Morozov
Product Manger / Maytoni
Natalia Danilova
Assistant Product Manager / Maytoni
Karim Tabishchev
Dmitry Cherednikov
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