China   |  2021

MUSE Design Awards Platinum Winner

Dalian Poly Times Sales Center

Entrant Company

Sinhan Design


Interior Design

Client's Name

Dalian Poly Developments and Holdings Group



From macro to micro, the sense of the future shows in every way about Poly Times. To highlight the project ahead with foresight, we take futurism as a design inspiration, use cantilever construction of large scale space, and curve design.Both visually and psychologically, people can experience the boundless sense of space and surreal feelings created by the design. To echo the temperament of the project, and not block the line of sight on all sides, the basic principle is not to build walls or partitions, but integrate the wall, ground and the top. Do not make space of edge corner, but form integral feeling. Thus deconstructing the traditional architectural standards, creating a series of incredible, imaginative, memorable space modeling. When the design strategy is finalized, the GRG material becomes the first choice. As a special decorative material, GRG has infinite plasticity, breathable, light weight, high strength, green environmental protection and other advantages. It is born for make modelling, can be made into a variety of artistic modeling. The most representative is the integration of water bar area and stairs. It breaks the vertical spatial relationship between upper and lower layers, and continues to extend from the ground to the sky, presenting light and elegant lines. In order to make the overall space look more clean, the design tries to dissolve the sense of division of the 8 large columns in the space, so that they blend into the space and become a part of the decoration. In the middle of the first and second floors, we also hide the office area, so that customers' moving lines can not be disturbed. In order to reduce the dependence of vertical faces, the main exhibition hall is designed with huge domes like the sky rising one after another, connecting the ground, wall and roof. The huge curved surface, just like breaking free from the fetters of gravity, surpasses the boundary of time and space, expresses the infinite and the dynamic.


Chief Designer/Sinhan Design
Hui Yao
Assistant Designer/Sinhan Design
Xiaohua Fang
Assistant Designer/Sinhan Design
Chi Zhang
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