Hong Kong   |  2019

The Crown

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Kiloliter Design Limited


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Emperor Group



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Secretly sitting on the 25th floor and rooftop of the Emperor Hotel Hong Kong - The Crown is the definition of glamour and luxury. It’s your art-of-living lounge and indulgent getaway where class, music, and entertainment are all under and above the one roof. Filled with refined decor and exuberant glamour, the full floor with performance stage and velvet booths, multipurpose private rooms and rooftop terrace brings sky-high sophistication and intimate luxury straight from the 1920’s. In the fashion of Art Deco, the space is emblazoned with gold accents, marble bar counter, feature ceiling with sun-like crown motif radiating from the center of the space. Every meticulous detail has been taken care of, piecing together the long-lost splendours of the 1920s. Name, establishment nature, and an intuitive relatedness across desired characteristics and connotations was the inspiration that sparked and fuelled the design process. The client's desired nature for the establishment, the name selected and the Crown in its object form, all have relevance in fueling the design process. Associations related to the preciousness, lavishness, luxuriousness and enjoying the best life has to offer work with the Art Deco style chosen as the design vehicle. Once guests arrive at the establishment, they are greeted with the Main Lounge consisting of the Crown Bar, the Stage, Lounge and Velvet Booth areas. Then the Grand Hallway leads guests deeper into the establishment for even more luscious and personalised experiences. Guests can find their perfect spot at the Balcony for a skyline view or sit back at the Velvet Booths for performances. A more tranquil setting can be found on the Rooftop and for extra privacy, VIP Rooms are also available.


Design Director
Karson Liu
Interior Designer
Winky Siu
Working Partner
Kavod Media International Limited
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