Taiwan   |  2022

MUSE Design Awards Silver Winner

2021 Pingtung Luo Shan Feng Arts Festival

Entrant Company

Pingtung County Government / OIC ART


Landscape Design

Client's Name

Pingtung County Government


Concept Design

Every year from October to April, seasonal luoshan wind travels past the mountain range and roars through the Hengchun Peninsula, forming the region’s unique scenery, landscape, and character. In this festival, 18 outdoor art installations are showcased on Haikou Beach and at the Seaside Gallery. They express the symbiosis between the mountains and the sea, as well as the delicate interplay between light and sound. At the conjunction between the mountains and the sea, we wait for the moment the wind comes and leaves its trace on the installations; we wait for the moment their convergence captures people’s senses. By using the invisible wind to inspire visual creativity, the art festival presents the natural beauty of the Hengchun Peninsula–the mountains, the sea, and the sand–in an impressive collection of artworks. We welcome you to come and experience the kaleidoscopic beauty of the wind. A church stands on Haikou Beach in “Blessings from the Sea”. Created by artist Chu Chih-Kang, the seaside church looks sometimes quiet, sometimes dancing, and sometimes flailing in the gusts of wind. It reflects the ebbs and flows of life. Yu Yu Studio uses metal components to create “Aeolus”, a fallen spaceship on the beach. A relic from the future, it emerges or disappears in the changing tides. The creative team hopes that the dissonance between an alien object and the natural environment will prompt the viewers to reflect on the (im)balance between humankind and nature. Artist Cheng Tsung FENG uses the fading construction technique of traditional bamboo scaffolding to build “The Wind Comes”. The tower is designed for visitors to walk in and take a tour. When the wind blows, the round metal discs in each square sway and twirl, tinkling and mirroring the scenery of Haikou. As for the "Wind Catcher Project", artist Chou Yu-Yu bends slender pipes of different lengths into various angles and creates a musical device that will produce melodious sound when the wind passes. Sisal, a cash crop unique to the Hengchun Peninsula, is used by collaborating local artisan craftsmen to make the woven exterior of the installation.


OBJECT Innovation corporation
Tsai Chih-wei
county magistrate/Pingtung County Government
Pan Men-an
Associate Professor / NTUT
Chun-Ching Chen
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