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MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner

DREAM RING(Female hygiene product)

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LR Seoul


Conceptual Design

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Personal Hygiene

Africa is the continent with the most sexism in the world. Women in Africa experience female circumcision, labor exploitation, and sexual abuse every day. One of the solutions that solve this is allowing more women to be socially engaged through formal education. However, the fact that many African girls don't have access to cheap and sanitary feminine hygiene product is one of the main reasons they give up going to school. A single pad can cost as much as a day's salary, forcing women to use newspaper, rags, fabric or even mud when menstruating. DREAM RING is now here to rescue African women. DREAM RING is an inexpensive eco-friendly feminine hygiene product that is made of a silicone ring and sugar cane vinyl. The reusable silicone ring and disposable sugar cane vinyl are the key factors that make DREAM RING both affordable and safe. By allowing women to get a formal education, DREAM RING solves not only the problem of menstruation of women but also the pain of sexism in developing countries. Today in Africa alone, it counts to 200 million and 600 million in the world who suffer from not being able to afford a feminine hygiene product. The problem of women not being able to afford a pad is not unique to Africa or to developing countries but to all women who are poor. DREAM RING can be a solution that breaks this vicious cycle to protect the rights of women. One small change can change the world.


Chanhee Kang
Copywriter / LR Seoul
Joobae Shin
Digital Specialist / LR Seoul
Chohee Oh
Sr. Art Director / LR Seoul
Insup Yun
Chief Director / LR Seoul
Usuk Li
Campaign Director / LR Seoul
Jihye Hong
Managing Director / LR Seoul
Joon Kwon
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