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From Wonky to Wonderful

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Non- Alcoholic Beverages

Sustainable food and drink are high on consumers agendas, Unilever estimates 33% of consumers prefer sustainable brands. In a juice market worth £2.1bn, the ‘wonky’ segment is estimated to grow between 2.5% and 4.9%, ‘Get Wonky’, a brand that saves imperfect fruit and veg destined for the trash and transforms it into delicious cold-pressed juice, should have been a run-away success. But it wasn’t. Co-founder, Karina Sudenyte, says, “In a market where so many competitors were also claiming their products were wonky on their packaging, we lacked brand distinctiveness. We weren’t getting our message out around tackling the global waste problem, and also that people, like fruit and veg, should embrace their flaws’. We helped the brand establish what it should really stand for; more than just saving imperfect food, it’s about encouraging people to imagine what they can do with wasted food, and champions individuality over perfection. We then redesigned the brand from top to bottomto reflect this; from its positioning and name, to its identity and packaging. Creating the newly named Flawsome! brand, we were true to these values. The identity and illustrations were montaged from letters and pictures cut from recycled magazines, displays and pop-ups were made from materials like old fruit crates that would of gone to waste, and bottles were made from imperfect recycled glass. As the only change the business undertook, the brand redesign was responsible for: • Achieving yoy business growth of over 500% • Unlocking increased investment to allow essential N • Opening up distribution • Helping their PR reach channels Forbes, Daily Mail,and BBC. It also improved society and people’s lives by: • Saving over 11m pieces of wonky fruit • Reducing carbon emissions by nearly 1,000 tonnes • Saving over 1m plastic bottles.


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