Taiwan   |  2019

Harmony between Past and Present

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Yuan Heng Interior Design Ltd,.


Interior Design

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BOH TAI Garden


Interior Lighting

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This spatial planning design project is a private club, the narrow and long house form is separated horizontally with the center as the axis, adopting two-way symmetric design; the spatial layout is smooth and eclectic, containing wine tasting area, wine storage area, banquet hall, Tripitaka Library and a small rest area. The interior design is based on the theme of Buddhism classics and oriental-style, fused with unique modern geometrically-cut light-belt design, showing symbiosis of vintage and modern styles; the unique electric mechanism takes people inside the hidden paradise featuring sophisticated and luxurious spatial atmosphere, demonstrating the beauty of layers and variations. The deep and wide area of the private club progressively arranged each space into a different atmosphere through meticulous planning. With a double square style as the foundation, the guest-welcoming lobby is used as the hub connecting to the various atmospheres, corresponding to the owner

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