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Moow is located in a serenity alley near Taichung Art Museum. The owner grew up in this area and has a group of like-minded friends who all fond of photography and dine together, so they wish to find a place for regular dinner gatherings. Opportunely found a detached old house in this area, 40 years of traces of time, make the space a little more nostalgic. It has evolved from a gathering place to a coffee shop and travel accommodation. After comprehending the interspace background and the owner’s cogitation, the designers decided to preserve the tranquil beauty of the times. From the architectural appearance to the indoor environment, keep the historical traces as far as possible, so that the old and new items can be integrated. And use the reallocation of moving lines and lightings to invigorate a natural new implication. In order to keep the essence and outline of the historical space, the design team retained parts of the original building structure, such as red brick walls and cement floor of the early era. Creating an exotic touch by using trims and industrial elements and the choice of metal lightings to give the space a hint of British industrial loft style characteristic. The design team aim to create the atmosphere of being in a foreign coffee shop and yet combining local historical elements. The designer believes that the definition of “industrial” intends to preserve and use the primitive condition of the space at the same time by using the recycled industrial objects to add on to the space deco and functionality.


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