China   |  2022

MUSE Design Awards Silver Winner

Zhi Chair

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Xiamen Xinxi Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd.


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Hobby & Leisure (NEW)

Zhi chair is a Chinese-style chair adhering to the Oneness of Zen and Tea. It combines Chinese Zen and tea ceremony with Chinese character art, and is suitable for tea making and meditation, realizing the unity of aesthetics, functionality and practicality. Derived from the word "zhi" in Chinese calligraphy, the shape of Zhi chair is endowed with the brushwork of Chinese calligraphy, highlighting the sense of lines and cultural aroma of Chinese calligraphy. Abandoning the implicit aesthetics of traditional carpentry, Zhi chair adopts the exposed mortise and tenon structures to reflect the power of calligraphy, conveying the beauty of its structure and balance, while also giving users a sense of firmness, stability and security. Zhi chair has a flat seat and a slanted back, creating a visual aesthetic through the contrast between the plane and the slanted line. Its height is only half that of ordinary chairs, which is different from the heights of other functional areas, giving tea making a great sense of ritual. Its short armrests can effectively help avoid awkwardness when users sit down or stand up, and also does not interfere with the cross-legged sitting posture during meditation. In addition, the surface of Zhi chair is coated with environmentally friendly wood wax oil, which does not contain harmful substances such as benzene and heavy metals, and the use of solid wood helps restore the natural touch, making users feel closer to nature when savoring tea.


Zhichao Huang
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